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Excess Inventory Solutions

1. Outright Purchases
2. Consignment
3. Consignment / Dmac

Excess Inventory Solutions

When you have excess inventory, what do you do with it? If you are no longer using them, they can collect dust or you can try to sell them and recover as much as you can. D-Mac International may have a solution to this problem and help you maximize your return and recover as much capital as possible. With the speed that new technology is replacing current technology, older technology can lose its' value the longer you wait.

Here are the three methods we use that might be the solution for you and save you valuable time, effort and money.

  1. Outright Purchase: D-Mac will analyze your list based on the current market and make an offer to purchase the items directly from you. You would ship directly to our warehouse and after parts are received and inventoried, we would send you our payment for the agreed upon price. This will be the lowest rate of return but would be the fastest return and might help give you some needed space.
  2. Consignment / You retain the inventory in house. D-Mac will agree to market your inventory on an exclusive agreement. When we have an item sold, we would purchase directly from you at an agreed upon price and you would ship directly to us. We would send payment to you on the agreed terms. This method would give you a greater return but take longer and some items would probably not be sold. You would also keep the stock at your facility and would need to work with us when an item is sold so we can get the items on time.
  3. Consignment / D-Mac. All items would be shipped to our warehouse but still be owned by you. We would send you a detailed report each month reporting what items had been sold and at what price. We would send our payment to you at the end of the following month based on the agreed amount percentage. This method would give you the best return and would make it easier for us to sell your parts with them being in our stock and being able to ship the same day.

Marketing Strategies We Use To Sell Your Product

  1. We would post your items on electronic component specific websites which would reach thousands of potential buyers around the world.
  2. Email marketing. We would generate an email with your specific parts targeting customers who have historical usage of listed parts or companies in the same industry.
  3. Listing of parts on our website and internet marketing.

We have helped many of our customers over the years using these solutions. If you would like to work with us using any of these methods: Please send your list in Excel format including part number, manufacturer, datecodes, quantity, how packaged, descriptions and condition. Please do not include bare pc boards, wire and cable, OTP's with programs or proprietary parts.

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